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  • Thursday, May 25, 2006

    Fighting the few corrupt Democrats while we fight the Corrupt Republicans

    I have been harping against Republican corruption for a couple of years now. The Republican culture of corruption is deep rooted, disgusting and widespread, spanning from John Seweeny in NY, to Katherine Harris in Florida, to the now imprisoned Randy Cunningham in California and is most concentrated in the states of Ohio, Missouri and Kentucky. And when one of their most corrupt members, Tom DeLay, resigns, he is replaced by an almost equally corrupt Republican. And that isn’t even counting their immoral sex scandals! The names of Cunningham, DeLay, Ney, Blunt (father and son), Taft and many others have become synonyms for blatant and immoral corruption.

    And I have written how although Democrats can be corrupt, we are different because we are more likely to fight against corruption in our own ranks. I have used my own local Brooklyn Democratic Party as an example of both the corruption and the fight against corruption within the Democratic Party.

    Along these lines I want to comment on a recent scandal—the corruption of Louisiana Democrat William Jefferson.

    First off, the man deserves a fair trial. But he got caught about as red-handed as Republican Randy Cunningham did taking bribes. Republicans defend their corruption. I do not defend corrupt Democrats. Corruption is corruption and even though I know the attack on Rep. Jefferson is partly politically motivated, and possibly even partly racially motivated, Jefferson was caught. Just as I called for the resignation or ousting of corrupt Republicans like Tom DeLay, Matt Blunt, Roy Blunt, Randy Cunningham, John Sweeney and the rest, I call for the resignation or ousting of William Jefferson. Let him stand trial and if exonerated let him return to politics. But if we are to fight the Republican culture of corruption we have to make sure we also recognize corruption in our own ranks when it occurs, and fight it with equal determination as we fight Republican corruption.

    Oust the Blunts. Oust Ney. Oust Taft. Oust Sweeny. And, yes, oust William Jefferson.


    Blogger Liberator_Rev said...

    Great point, Mole. As the author of one of Google's most highly recommended site on "Republican corruption", I agree with you.

    The Democrat I would most like to see disowned by our party is Kwame Kilpatrick of Detroit. When some of our politicians act like Republicans, (corruptly), we need to treat them accordingly!

    11:15 PM  
    Blogger mole333 said...

    I have only followed the Kwame controversy from afar. There are some legit allegations that need investigation (hiring friends and relatives, potential misuse of city funds) but the main allegations currently seem to be lying about his private life. The charges of pergury over sexual activities is BS, just as they were with Clinton. It distracts from possible real issues. Seeing accusations of pergury over private matters just made me think, "not THIS crap again." But it does seem like he engages in cronyism at a minimum and that alone makes him a problem in my book.

    8:44 AM  

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