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  • Saturday, September 29, 2007

    Republican Ass Biters

    Okay...The Republicans were all up in arms because Bill Clinton got a blow job from a very willing woman. No coersion. All consentual. Sure maybe you wouldn't trust your daughter around Bill, but in political terms so what?

    But the same Republicans who attacked Bill Clinton for consentual sex with an adult woman are good buddies for sexual predators like Tom Foley, REALLY insane sexual predators like John David Atchison caught trying to solicit sex from a 5-year old. And now we have the Republican attempt to steal votes in California being led by a Republican ass-biter.

    Yes...Republican Ass Biter.

    Who'd have thunk it? The man behind (no pun intended) the California initiative to split California's electoral vote is a Rudy Giuliani supporting, Ass-biting Missouri Republican. Yes...ass biting. From the Daily News:

    A mysterious Missourian and Rudy Giuliani backer once found guilty of biting a woman on the butt is behind a scheme to chew off a chunk of California for Republicans in 2008.

    Charles Hurth, a Union, Mo., lawyer, is the only registered agent of Take Initiative America, a corporation formed to change how California's 55 electoral college votes are apportioned.

    All that's known about Hurth is that jurors made him pay $27,500 in 1990 to a woman he bit on the buttocks, and he gave the former mayor's campaign $2,000 in March. He did not return calls from the Daily News.

    What is WRONG with Republicans? I mean if someone is into biting women's asses, I am sure they can find willing partners, even if they have to pay. But how do you wind up getting FINED for biting a woman in the ass? I mean what the HELL do you have to get FINED for biting a woman in the ass??

    And then you wind up being a front person for a Republican attempt to steal votes from California?

    Supporting Giuliani is no surprise. Rudy Giuliani is well known in NYC for being, shall we say, not terribly faithful and a lousy family man. So perhaps he would attract Republican ass-biters as supporters. But how did California Republicans wind up getting a Missouri Republican ass-biter as their point man in their mission to steal the vote? Who screwed up? Did they not check into this guy? Couldn't they find a reasonably clean-cut CALIFORNIAN to lead this CALIFORNIA initiative?

    Apparently it takes Missouri ass-biting Republicans to steal a California election.


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