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  • Saturday, July 23, 2005

    Target the Corrupt Republican Campaign (Randy Cunningham of California revisited)

    This is an update on an earlier action. This week we have had a partial success in our Target the Corrupt Republican Campaign. Randy Cunningham (R-CA) announced he will not run for re-election. This comes as something as a surprise for such an entrenched politician. It seems the smell of scandal following him has made him too vulnerable for re-election. So he will bow out in 2006. This is only a partial victory, though, because in reality he should resign and be prosecuted for his criminal corruption.

    Rep. Cunningham, who sits on the powerful Appropriations defense subcommittee, has taken bribes from a defense contractor around the same time that defense contractor began getting big government contracts. His house was recently raided by the FBI looking for evidence of his corruption. Cunningham also had the nerve to evoke 9/11 to push the flag burning Amendment, claiming that those who died in 9/11 would want the amendment passed. When the New York Rep. Nadler (from Brooklyn) called Cunningham on this shameless exploitation of NYC’s, Nadler's mike was shut off as if Cunningham has the right to talk about 9/11 but a NYC Rep. doesn’t!

    Well, under such extensive scrutiny, Rep. Cunningham has decided not to run for reelection. Chalk one up for the good guys! If only Tom DeLay, Roy Blunt and Mike Oxley would give up their seats now that their corruption is becoming so well known.

    This emphasizes what I have been saying for months now--we have to hammer away at each and every corrupt Repubclian, exposing the neo-Cons for the greedy bastards they are.

    Please join me in saying goodbye to Randy Cunningham with a small donation to a San Diego Democratic Group. Maybe we can teach the Repubs a real lesson here and push San Diego closer to the blue.


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