• No Sweat
  • Sunday, September 11, 2005


    This is not directly focused on Republican corruption...but it does involve some hypocracy and out-and-out callousness that is just disgusting. In general I want to focus on the corruption of Republicans, most obvious and odious in Ohio, Kentucky and Missouri. But this is a different kind of disgusting Republican behavior--callousness.

    The Republicans are well known for underfunding America's infrastructure, and that is one reason why New Orleans was flooded so badly. Everyone who live in NYC knows how badly funded our subways, roads and schools are. But when it comes to pork in their own districts, Republicans wallow in it. The city of Ketchikan, Alaska, with 14,000 residents, are building a bridge to Gravina Island, with a population of 50. Don Young (R-AK) pushed for and got Federal funding to build that bridge. Yet levees in New Orleans were neglected year after year. It is absolutely disgusting.

    But at least most Republicans realized that after the fact they had to show sympathy. So Congress overwhelmingly passed, and Bush signed, a bill giving aid to the victims of Katrina. But 11 particularly cold-hearted Republicans couldn't even bring themselves to be this generous. These 11 Republican Reptiles voted to leave those affected by Katrina on their own. I should note that NO DEMOCRATS voted to abandon the victims of Katrina yet again...only these 11 Republicans. We have to make these bastards pay by forcing them to defend their callousness when they are up for re-election.

    Here is my Act Blue list dedicated to defeating the Katrina 11. Please donate and please circulate this list now because we will need some really serious effort to make these seats competative. Let's show America that blaming the victim is not acceptable.

    I also want to continue to call people's attention to two other Act Blue lists put together by someone else targeting the 10 most vulnerable Repblicans, and protecting the most vulnerable Democrats. Donations to these lists would be more practical than donating to my list, but donating to defeat the Katrina 11 will give you better Karma because you will be going for the most cold-hearted of the lot.


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