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  • Monday, August 07, 2006

    In Ohio Yet Another Corrupt Republican Bites the Dust!

    I keep saying that even in districts where Republicans seem safe, the corruption issue can be huge. No one seemed safer in their corrupt complacency than Tom DeLay (TX), Randy Cunningham (CA) and Bob Ney (OH). DeLay is dropping out in disgrace, Cunningham is in jail and now I am happy to report that Bob Ney is following in DeLay's footsteps. Bob Ney, who I have included in some of my Ohio diaries, will drop out in disgrace in November. From BBC News:

    A leading US Republican lawmaker facing corruption allegations has said he will not run for re-election in November.

    Ohio congressman Bob Ney said he would stand down from the seat he has held for 12 years because of his family.

    But the Democrats, who put the focus on Mr Ney as part of their election effort to paint the Republicans as corrupt, said he had been forced out.

    Prosecutors say Mr Ney took gifts and trips at the expense of disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff. He denies it...

    This is why I am hammering away at the corruption issue and why I ask all of you to write the media as often as possible to talk about corruption. By exposing these scum and by keeping the media from ignoring Republican corruption, we are helping to bring down the most corrupt of the bastards who think they can loot America for their own gain.

    But remember, the fight isn't over. Ney isn't the only corrupt politician from Ohio. Rep. Mike Oxley and Governor Bob Taft are at least as corrupt as Ney. There's GOP fundraiser Tom Noe. We have to keep reminding the media of how corrupt the Republicans are not just in Ohio, but also in Texas (Tom DeLay), California (Randy Cunningham and John Doolittle), New York (Fossella and Sweeny), Wisconsin (Mark Green), and Florida (Katherine Harris) just to name a handful of the most corrupt Republicans.

    I also ask that you help reform the very corrupt Ohio. We need honest people to replace corrupt Republicans as Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney General as well as to replace the corrupt Ney and Oxley. So please, take this opportunity to support honest Democrats in Ohio and help defeat the most corrupt of Democrats.


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