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  • Tuesday, January 22, 2008

    Downfall of Another Corrupt Republican: Missouri's Matt Blunt

    Among the very first corrupt Republicans I targeted were Roy and Matt Blunt, corrupt father and son who were, respectively, Congressman and Governor of Missouri. This pair were about as corrupt as you can get, and Matt Blunt was among the least popular governors in the nation. To me, the Blunts are probably the most embarassing political dynasty this nation has, perhaps next to the Bush family itself. Yet, to my dismay, this corrupt and seemingly unpopular bunch hung on to their elected positions even in 2006 when the voters did a pretty good job of sweeping out corrupt politicians.

    Well, it seems we are finally starting to force these sleaze out. According to Daily Kos, Matt Blunt, the younger sleaze, is deciding NOT to run for re-election as governor of Missouri. He is retiring because he has "fulfilled all his campaign promises." I guess becoming one of the most corrupt and least popular governors in America, making his chances of re-election slim, is his way of fulfilling his campaign promises. Or is the skyrocketing unemployment in Missouri part of his campaign promise?

    Given that Matt "Coverup" Blunt was already paying for TV ads for re-election, this sudden withdrawal suggests either he realized he had no chance in hell of winning, or thre is some real major relevation coming up regarding the corrupt Blunts. Meaning Jay Nixon will likely be the next Governor of Missouri. Which will be a HUGE improvement for the people of Missouri! Could the sudden withdrawal have something to do with the $89,300.08 Matt Blunt's campaign has recently spent on "legal fees"? Does this mean the many scandals are about to spiral completelt out of control? will this affect Roy Blunt's chances of re-election to Congress. Will Missouri finally rid itself of this sleazy family altogether? For those who want to help these corrupt sleze get the boot, you can donate to my Missouri Act Blue Site, targeting the MO-07 race in particular to get Papa Sleaze Blunt out as well.

    Weeding out corruption is among the most important things we can do in America. In 2006 we did a great deal to weed out corrupt governors and Congressional reps. In 2007 the corrupt Kentucky governor got the boot. So far Missouri has been immune to this clean government movement. My feeling is that Matt Blunt's retreat is the first sign that Missouri will kick out its corrupt Republicans, starting with the Blunt family. I for one will be proud of Missouri once the Blunts are in disgrace.


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