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  • Saturday, September 24, 2005


    I have covered Republican Corruption in Ohio several times (see my other blog for my articles on this: ). Now there is a movement to Reform Ohio which we all can help. Here is the Reform Ohio website. And let me tell you the Republicans are going all out to block this reform movement. If we want a clean, fair Ohio, we have to act to REFORM OHIO!

    Here is a Daily Kos diary on the movement that focuses on what we can do, both those living in Ohio and those of us who don’t.

    I will focus on a few that apply to ALL of us, but please also check the diary for more ideas:

    3. Wherever you live, Donate to the Reform Ohio Now Campaign. We are up against some REALLY big money determined to maintain the corruption and gerrymandered districts (RON is worth an extra 6 congressional seats!). If all you can spare is $10 - spare it for Ohio.

    4. Letters to the Editor. Anyone can do this. Before you write a diary, write a letter ! We really need to educate Ohio Voters about Issues 2 thru 5 and LTE's are a great way to do that - let's flood those news rooms. The DNC has a pretty neat tool - just hit this link, enter your zip code and write your letter! Couldn't be easier. IF you live outside of Ohio - here is a list of Ohio Zip codes.

    5. If you have a Blog - Blog it ! Grow Ohio has a ton of info, and you can always check the Ohio lefty blogs aggregator too to keep up to date. Every time someone googles RON it better come up with our responses ! Also put up a link to RON - graphics here.

    Fight for honesty in Ohio!


    Blogger S. Anderson said...

    How can I motivate our worthless governor to help me with my flooding issues? I'm not sure if you can see my blog...and if you can...will you read it. I really need help. We are going to lose our home. We are living in unsafe conditions.

    1:21 AM  

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