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  • Friday, September 30, 2005


    It is time to return to Texas and DeLay’s corruption, the first target of my efforts to expose corrupt Republicans. This is from the Campaign for America’s Future:

    Tom DeLay and two of his close political associates were indicted on criminal conspiracy charges by a Texas Grand Jury earlier today. This is the same Tom DeLay who eleven years ago this week signed the so-called Contract with America and pledged to end Congress' "cycle of scandal and disgrace."

    The indictment against Tom DeLay has immediate political consequences -- he has just stepped down as House Majority Leader. This is a tremendous victory for everyone fighting to make Congress work again for the American people. But, it does not go far enough. Tom DeLay is the personification of the corrupt, pay-to-play politics that is the hallmark of today’s Republican-controlled Congress. To return honor and dignity to the legislative branch, and restore Congress' accountability to the American people, Tom DeLay must resign from Congress.

    Congress is no place for scoundrels like DeLay who blatantly abuse their power for personal and corporate gain. He and his co-conspirators in Congress have consistently pushed measures that benefit the wealthy elite at the expense of the American people. It’s time to clear the air of corruption that Tom DeLay has brought into the House of Representatives. Please write your Representative and demand that they call for Tom DeLay's resignation from Congress.

    But do more. Write the media telling them how disgusting you think DeLay’s corruption is. Tell them DeLay should resign and the Republican party has to start cleaning house before the American people can trust them again. Remember, these letters to the editor may just be having an effect! Keep up the pressure.

    Finally, you can help take down Tom DeLay and possibly help a Democrat successfully challenge him for his Congressional seat. Act for Change is raising money for a billboard illustrating DeLay's criminal corruption. They are asking for donations of $10 to publicize DeLay's corruption in his own district. Please consider helping them out.


    Blogger realitycheckmate said...

    Stop Supporting Corporations that Donate to the Republicans. Tom Delay is a perfect example.

    Go To

    Then tell all your friends.

    You should especially look into supporting "Progressive" Car Insurance and "Working Assets" Long Distance and Wireless company. They donate heavily to the Democrats.

    9:04 PM  

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