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  • Monday, October 02, 2006

    Republican "Morality" Seems Perverse and Immoral

    Well, the latest nasty Republican scandal is Rep. Mark Foley who engaged in a sexual email exchange with an underage teen on his staff...on taxpayer money. The Republican leadership, right up to Hastert, Reynolds and DeLay, KNEW about this months ago and did nothing, allowing a sexual predator to remain a Republican Conrgessman in good standing. The layers of sleaze are deep and disgusting in this scandal. The transcripts of the email exchange are now public and pretty graphic.

    Now let's remember that the Republican Party went after Clinton for having consensual sex with a consenting adult on his staff. But they TOLERATE and PROTECT Foley, a man who breaks the lawe by soliciting sex with an UNDERAGE staff member. Where is the moral outrage, Tom Reynolds (NY Republican)? Why did you wait so long, Tom DeLay (TX Republican) while a sexual predator was on the loose? Why did you wait until it became public, Dennis Hastert (Republican Speaker of the House), before you acted? These three men KNEW ABOUT FOLEY'S illegal and immoral acts but DID NOTHING for months. Only once the scandal hit the papers did they scramble to act all shocked. But they weren't shocked. They knew and they did nothing to stop a sexual predator. Their actions are not worthy of Congressmen so much of members of the sleazy NABMLA. Is this what Repubublicans are all about? Displaying the morality of NABMLA?

    This once again shows the disgusting hypocricy and immorality of the current Republican Party. Ronald Reagan and Dwight Eisenhaur would be disgusted by Republicans today. But let's not forget that Foley's actions ARE NOT ISOLATED. Soliciting sex illegally via email is becoming a pattern.

    Awhile back I covered the story of the extreme right wing, anti-gay Republican mayor of Spokane, WA who was caught soliciting homosexual sex over the internet in exchange for city jobs. The fact that he was publicly anti-gay but privately a practicing homosexual is merely hypocritical. Doing it over the internet when he had something to hide was outright stupid. And to offer city jobs in exchange for homosexual sex is criminal. So, the Republican mayor of Spokane displayed extreme stupidity, criminality and hypocrisy all at once. To their credit, the voters of Spokane ousted him from office the way we should also oust Hastert and Reynolds from office for their tolerance of Foley's disgusting actions. Tom DeLay is already disgraced and ousted by his own corruption.

    Then let's not forget the Republican crony who was made the deputy press secretary for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and who was arrested trying to solicit sex from teenage girls over the internet. Yes...the second in command of PR for our nation's Homeland Security was caught doing something immoral, illegal and utterly stupid.

    Clinton got a blow job from a consenting adult on his own time. The Republicans stopped the busniness of the nation (including Clinton's attempts to go after bin Laden and al-Qaeda) in their eagerness to hound him from office. But when faced with the much, much worse crimes of offering jobs for sex or soliciting sex with minors, the Republicans are practically silent on the matter. That shows you just how moral they really are.


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