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  • Thursday, October 20, 2005


    I have not had much time for my Target the Corrupt Republican Blog because of my new job and because I have been throwing myself into the NYC mayoral campaign.

    But this is just too good not to include. Remember way back when (months ago!) when I started this campaign. It started on Daily Kos, spread to my own newsletter, and eventually became this blog. I started with Tom DeLay. Tom DeLay, the very first target of this blog, has now been ARRESTED because of his corruption.

    Here is the Daily Kos diary covering DeLay's arrest warrent.

    The chickens are coming home to roost. And we have every right to be gleeful, because this represents the rule of law in America. Tom DeLay is not and SHOULD not be above the law. His corruption was disgusting and he must pay the price.

    Don't let this opportinity pass you by. In some small way you and I were part of the outcry that has led to his arrest. But let's take it further by 1.) enjoying our victory and 2.) making sure that it isn't forgotten.

    Let's start with some gloating. Why not buy a coffee mug with Tom DeLay's mug shot on it! You can remember the moment when Republican corruption started to bring them down. Proceeds go to one of the groups that has been most active in fighting DeLay's corruption.

    But let's take it further. Here are some petitions to sign demanding DeLay resign:

    Public Campaign Action Fund

    Act For Change


    Next step, please write your local media telling them how happy you are that DeLay has finally been brought to justice for his disgusting corruption. Letters to the media are a CRITICAL part of our efforts. Without this, it is easy for Republican corruption to be forgotten or ignored by the media. Your comments can make the difference. Please WRITE YOUR LOCAL MEDIA. It is this kind of focus on the media that got DeLay's corruption noticed in the first place.

    For advanced fighters of Republican corruption, here are a handful of DeLay's biggest supporters and/or donors who deserve to be defeated.

    Republican mayor of NYC Michael Bloomberg donated $250,000 to Tom DeLay's PAC which focuses on furthering DeLay's extremist right-wing agenda. Howard Dean has endorsed Bloomberg's challenger, Fernando Ferrer. Please consider donating, through Howard Dean's plea, to Fernando Ferrer's attempt to unseat one of DeLay's biggest financial donors.

    Some of DeLay's biggest backers in congress are Bob Beauprez (R CO-07), Anne Northup (R KY-3), Jon Porter (R NV-3), and Jim Gerlach (R PA-6). These House Reps. have voted solidly with DeLay and have donated either to DeLay's PAC or to his Defense Fund (thus SUPPORTING his corruption). These four corrupt Republicans are four of the ten most vulnerable Republicans in Congress. Please donate to defeat these corrupt Republicans.

    Another one of DeLay's biggest buddies is Tom Tancredo (R CO-6). This guy is one of the Katrina 11, the Republicans who refued to vote to give aid to the victims of hurricane Katrina. Go to my Katrina 11 website to donate to defeat Tancredo.

    Supporting the fight against these particularly corrupt Republican Reps. will be a good start to purging Congress of DeLay's disgusting influence.


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