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  • Sunday, October 15, 2006

    Bush Campaigns for Racists and Abusers of Women

    It is really disgusting when the supposed president campaigns for people who are racist and who abuse women. THIS is what the Republican Party is coming to!

    In Pennsylvania, Republican Congressman Don Sherwood was caught in a very public scandal where it was discovered he had a mistress for 5 years. This was discovered because he tried to strangle her, she locked her self in his bathroom and called 911. After being rescued from the abusive Republican Congressman, she sued him, furthering the scandal.

    In Virginia Republican George Allen has been publically using racial slurs and apparantly has been using them since at least college. He is also thought to have past connections with white supremicists.

    These are the two people George Bush is going out of his way to campaign for. From

    Bush will make separate appearances Thursday for Rep. Don Sherwood, R-Pa., and Sen. George Allen, R-Va.

    Sherwood had been considered to have a safe seat for re-election until a woman filed suit against him and alleged that he had choked her during an altercation at his Capitol Hill apartment. He admitted to having an affair with the woman, 35 years his junior, but denied hurting her. They settled the case out of court.

    "Mr. Sherwood has certainly admitted to what is going on," [White House press secretary Tony] Snow said. "And the president also believes that we're all sinners, we all seek forgiveness and, in this particular case, he's supporting Don Sherwood's candidacy."

    Allen has spent weeks rebutting accusations he used racist language and liked Confederate symbols. The furor began Aug. 11, when the senator called a volunteer for his opponent "macaca," considered by some to be a racial slur, during a political rally.

    This further proves my point that when faced with sleaze, corruption and racism within their ranks, Republicans always close ranks and protects their worst members. Whether it is campaigning for racists, supporting men who strangle their mistresses, or covering up for sexual predator, Mark Foley, or trying to weaken ethics rules to (unsuccessfully) protect the corrupt Tom DeLay, Republicans WALLOW in corruption and sleaze. Now Bush is solidly siding with racism and violence against women. Just disgusting.

    So, I suggest helping to defeat Racsit Allen by supporting Democrat Jim Webb (former Navy secretary under President Reagan) and helping to defeat Woman Abuser Sherwood by supporting Democrat Chris Carney (Lieutenant Commander in the United States Naval Reserve, served multiple tours overseas and was activated for operations Enduring Freedom and Noble Eagle and he has served as Senior Terrorism and Intelligence Advisor at the Pentagon). We have two TERRIBLE Republicans running against two excellent Democrats. Let's show Bush what we think of his racist and abusive candidates.


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