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  • Saturday, October 14, 2006

    Another Rare Example of Democratic Corruption

    I spend a great deal of time discussing the extreme corruption of the Republicans, from war profiteering to covering up for a sexual predator to outright bribes and cronyism, the Republican Party is corrupt as can be, from Bush's Halliburton Republicans nationally right down to the Republican State parties of Ohio, Missouri and Kentucky which each take corruption to an art form. Tom DeLay (indicted), Mark Foley (sexual predator), Vito Fossella (misuse of campaign funds and kissing up to lobbyists), Randy Cunningham (in jail), Bob Ney (pled guilty), Don Sherwood (choked his mistress who then sued him), George Allen (using racial slurs publically throughout his life), Jack Abramoff (in jail), Goveror Taft of Ohio (found guilty of corruption), Governor Fletcher of Kentucky (found guilty of corruption), etc. etc. etc. Corruption permeates all levles of the Republican Party, leading one California Republican, Pete McCloskey, who comes from three generations of California Republican activists, to endorse Democratic challenger, Jerry McNerney, over the Republican incumbent, saying that it is better for the Democrats to capture the House temporarily in order to cleanse the Republican leadership.

    But, unlike the Republicans who lie and cover up for their corrupt cronies, occasionally I have to report on the rare cases of Democratic corruption. I know they are there because here in Brooklyn is one example of a corrupt Democratic machine. But there ALSO is a reform Democrat movement opposed to that corruption, which is slowly winning. You NEVER see that among Republicans. They merely cover up even for sexual predators (for SIX YEARS).

    I have reported on my own local party's corruption (the former head of which is now in jail thanks to DEMOCRATIC efforts to clean up the party). And I reported on the corruption of Democratic Congressman William Jefferson. Now, sad to say, I have another Democrat I need to point out whose corruption seems almost, but not quite, at the level of Republican corruption.

    In the WV-1 Congressional district, we have one of the rare cases these days when corruption is affecting the Dem rather than the Republican. Democrat Alan B. Mollohan seems to have funnelled pork barrell money for his state into his own personal finances. Needless to say, Congressional Republicans who did their best to block probes of the corruption of Abramoff, Cunningham, DeLay, Blunt, Ney, etc. etc. were eager to investigate Mollohan. Now I AGREE with their willingness to investigate Mollohan, but NOT with the Republicans covering up their own corruption. Since I make a huge point of fighting Republican corruption, I have to say WV-1 is a seat I can't endorse the Democrat. Not that I can endorse the Republican! But given the probable corruption of the Dem, I am willing to let him fight his own battle and I hope that Congressional investigations of Mollohan, DeLay, Blunt, Fossella, Sweeny, etc. go forward.


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