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  • Wednesday, October 25, 2006

    CORRUPT REPUBLICANS: a look back

    I started my "Target the Corrupt Republican" blog in July 2005. Among my earliest targets were Tom DeLay (Texas), now indicted, and Bob Ney (Ohio) and Randy Cunningham (California), both of whom pled guilty. Many other corrupt Republicans I have targeted are in the battle of their carreers because of corruption. This includes Conrad Burns (Montana), likely to be defeated by Democrat Jon Tester (populist and organic farmer), Steve Pombo (California) is locked in a dead heat with Jerry McNerney for Congress, and Katherine Harris (Florida), ready to go down in flames trying to run for Senate while her Congressional seat may well be lost to Democrat Christine Jennings (though she needs our help to win!).

    More than a year ago I predicted that corruption was going to be one of the top issues in 2006...and that has come true largely because Democrats have refused to let the Republicans duck the issue. The media has been completely lax in covering Republican Corruption, and the Republican Party itself, well aware of corruption within its ranks, focuses not on cleaning up, but covering up. So it has been left to Democrats to weed out corruption.

    By hammering away at this issue over the past 18 months we have prevented Republicans from carrying on as usual and have got them on the run. Let's keep pushing the issue of honest government, but within our own party and against the uber-corrupt Republican party.

    In addition, I want to remind people that some of this corruption will never be prosectued as long as the descision is up to Republican Attorneys General. So, in addition to my push to get people helping out Democrats running for secretaries of state, I am encouraging people to help Democrats running for attorney general. So please go to my Sec. of State/Attorney General Act Blue site and help out. These may be the most important races of the year because they will determine the integrity of future elections and investigations into Republican corruption, yet they are neglected races. Please help.


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