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  • Tuesday, January 03, 2006

    Abramhoff pleads shouldn't end there!

    Lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who is at the center of a whirlwind of Republican corruption, has reached a plea agreement wherein he will plead guilty in exchange for his testimony against his former business and political colleagues. This could blow up big time for the Republican party. This could be the final curtain pulled back, revealing the true sleaze of Bush's modern day, Halliburton-Republicans. From Tom DeLay (R-TX) to Conrad Burns (R-MO) the Republican party leadership can't escape this one unless the media really helps them spin it into obscurity. We are the ones who have to prevent that.

    Here is a good summary of the Abramhoff/Republican scandal. Read up on it if you like.

    And here is a good summary from Daily Kos.

    One way the Republicans are already trying to spin it is the "Democrats Did it Too" defense. First of all, this is the lamest excuse in the book and shows just how desperate they are. Who cares if the Democrats did it too? We want corruption rooted out and right now the deepest roots of corruption seem to be in the Republican Party, but ALL corruption should be rooted out. The Republicans seem to be soft on corruption and it is time to call them on it. But there is another problem with the whining "Democrats Did it Too" defense. It isn't true in this case. THe claim going around the right wing media is that Abramhoff donated to both parties. Truth is, not one Democrat received money directly from Abramhoff. This is a REPUBLICAN scandal. Media Matters has good coverage of the Republican lie that Abramhoff gave to both parties.

    In 2005 the increasing Iraq quagmire and the revalation, due to hurricane Katrina, of the callous disregard the Republicans have for American lives were major turning points against the Republicans. Regular readers of this blog know that scandals have been percolating around as well, tarnishing the "Republicans as the 'moral' party" myth. But the Abramhoff plea deal may represent yet another turning point against the Republicans. They are losing the war on terrorism, they are failing to protect American lives...and now it is becoming clear that they are failing to uphold even the most basic of moral principles. The Republican failures are piling up and America is taking notice.

    Keep the momentum going. Write to Congress and demand an independent investigation into the Abramhoff scandal. And more importantly, write the media, both national and local, demanding that the Republican party clean house. Demand the resignation of Tom DeLay, Conrad Burns and all other Republicans who directly received money through Abramhoff. Make sure you express your disgust at the corruption of the Republican party.


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