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  • Monday, November 28, 2005


    Not so long ago, I felt like I was the only voice out there complaining about Republican corruption. I started this blog to try and help get the word out on just how sleazy the Republican party has become. I started with Tom DeLay, the Blunts in Missouri and some of the Ohio Republicans. But in June or so I started focusing on a particularly self-rightous hypocrite who tried to wrap himself in the flag and exploit 9/11, but who was also taking blatant bribes. I am referring to Rep. Randy Cunningham, Republican representing CA-50 district in San Diego County. Then in July or so Rep. Cunningham's coprruption caught up with him. He announced he would not run in 2006, opening the field and giving the Dems a chance for a pickup. Francine Busby is the Democrat who has stepped up to fight to win this seat.

    But I wasn't satisfied with Cunningham simply announcing he won't run again. The man was caught red handed taking bribes, so I demanded that he resign and I urged all my readers to do the same. Well, we are but a few, so our voices may or may not have contributed to this, but now Rep. Randy Cunningham is stepping down after pleading guilty to bribery charges. We won another one! First DeLay is slapped down. Now Cunningham is forced out. Remember. These aren't POLITICAL victories. These are MORAL victories over corrupt politicians who should have never been voted into office in the first place! We have to make this clear. This is about cleaning house. The Republicans have become so soft on corruption that they actually defend members of their own party, like DeLay and Cunningham, who are caught red handed. It is time America sends the Republicans a message. Clean up now or step down.

    Write a letter to the editor to national and your local media demanding that the Republican party clean out corrupt members like Cunningham (CA), Frist (TN), DeLay (TX), Oxley (OH) and Blunt (MO). Each and every one of these Republicans, as well as dozens of others, have committed disgusting acts of corruption (outlined elsewhere in this blog) and we must hold them accountable. Express your disgust at the way Republicans are soft on corruption and your surprise at how their corruption is so widespread. It is an embarassment to our entire nation! Additionally, write the local San Diego media (zip code 92025 for Cunningham's district) expressing your relief that Cunningham finally faced the music and resigned in disgrace. Emphasize how his corruption makes all of America look bad.

    Then write your Congressional Rep. and demand a House wide investigation of Republican corruption. Tom DeLay was bad enough. The Missouri and Ohio Republican Parties was unacceptable. But now that Republican corruption is reaching from coast to coast, it is time for Congress to take action and oust the many bad apples of the Republican party.

    Finally, support Francine Busby to replace the Corrupt Cunningham. Let's prove to the nation that the Democrats will clean up the mess that Republicans have left America.


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